Script to Monitor RabbitMQ Queue Messages

Below is a code I used to monitor rabbitmq queues. We were  using a microservices architecture. In our architecture each services are communicating using a rabbitmq broker. Services tend to publish message to broker and the broker  forwards these messages. One bottle neck is in this communication part.Due to some memory issues the consumers that consumes these messages got hang and the messages in a particular queue went too high .So I decided to write a script to sent an SMS and alert in slack channel whenever the message count becomes greater than the threshold.Note that I have used a gem slack notifier link: You could also just curl

 require 'net/http'
 require 'uri'
 require 'json'
 require 'slack-notifier'
 require 'sevak_publisher'

 CONFIG = YAML.load_file(File.join(__dir__, 'rabbitmq_config.yml'))
 def monitor_rabbitmq
   rabbitmqctl_url = CONFIG['rabbitmqctl']['url']
   rabbitmqctl_user = CONFIG['rabbitmqctl']['username']
   rabbitmqctl_password = CONFIG['rabbitmqctl']['password']
   uri = URI.parse("#{rabbitmqctl_url}/api/queues")
   request =
   request.basic_auth(rabbitmqctl_user, rabbitmqctl_password)
   req_options = { use_ssl: uri.scheme == 'https' }
   response = Net::HTTP.start(uri.hostname, uri.port, req_options)  do |http|
   queue_details = JSON.parse(response.body)
   queue_details.each do |queue|
     output = { name: queue['name'],
                messages: {
                  total: queue['messages'],
                  ready: queue['messages_ready'],
                  Unacknowlged: queue['messages_unacknowledged']
                 node: queue['node'],
                 state: queue['state'],
                consumers: queue['consumers'] }
      if output[:messages][:ready] > 100
         sent_alert_slack("RabbitMQ QUEUE High! \n #{output[:messages][:ready]} :\n #{output}")
   def sent_alert_slack(message)
      notifier = CONFIG['slack_settings']    ['notification_api'],
                             channel: '#rabbitmq-monitoring',
                             username: 'notifier' message
    puts "\n",
  rescue => e
    puts "Error: #{e.message}"

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