Thank you

Opw has come to an end and looking back I feeel so proud and happy.I become more confident .I figured out what I want to do next.I also had fun, met a lot of amazing people .All good things come to an end. This is a small thank you note to thank all those wonder full people who have helped me in making this internship the best opportunity I ever had. My parents friends for their constant support and motivation.There are some persons I specifically want to thank

Rebecca Billings: My mentor,I am so privileged to have her as my mentor.I am really inspired by her the way she organizes her time.I have learned to organize my time.My commmunication skill has improved over the time,it is because of her.

Bob Silverberg:  I have improved a lot pair programming with him.I learned not just scripting in python but modularizing code so that its make the code more readable.He gives  exceptionally good PR reviewer that hardly any bug goes unnoticed. He has been patient when i took time more than required.

Stephend mbrand and mozwebqa team.I owe you a lot.Thanking for the constant support and words of motivation.I like to explore more


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