Gnome Internship Status Update Week 2 and Week3

In the past week I have been picking issues from bugzilla and fixing them. I had  been lucky to get the support  of  amazing people like Giorgos and Anastasios who had been kind to review my PR .


Status of four bugs has been marked resolved in the bugzilla. I have received feedbacks on other bugs which I expect to resolve it soon

Challenges and Feedbacks

I have been receiving repeated feedbacks about the indentation issues in the HTML code which needs to be fixed soon. I shall fix it and explain it in the next post 🙂

Need to make marks as taken as there are chances for multiple users taking up the tasks

 Whats next?

Found an awesome task management tool Google keep.Its comes as a chrome extension and android application.Decided to use it

Decided to work some days extra to make up two days loss

I am sharing an extremely useful resource on the review process  .Thanks to Bob Silverberg for sharing.

The initial two weeks has come to an end and have learned a lot.Some advance git commands . I know there more to learn.


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